Contact Information:

   Polkton Township

   6900 W. Arthur
   Coopersville, MI 49404

   Phone: 616-837-6876
   Fax: 616-837-7655

      M-F 9am to 12pm
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Master Plan 2009
Master Plan Amended 2015
Zoning Ordinance
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Bill Sahlberg, supervisor
Connie Langeland, clerk
Robin Liszewski, treasurer
Wayne Pickler, assessor

  Doug Otterbein
  Bill Courtade
  Dave Busman
  Luke Meerman 

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South Evergreen Schoolhouse
Eastmanville Cemetery
Appointed Positions and Openings
Sheridan Park
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Summer Taxes have been mailed out. To avoid penalties these must be paid by September 14, 2016.
Primary election is August 2, 2016. Get out and vote! Quite often the primary is ignored by voters as not important. This is far from true!